At the farmers market...

I recently relocated to the Hudson Valley of New York State from California and work as a chef in NYC and throughout the Hudson Valley.

Please be sure to return for an updated Local Vendor/Farmer list soon.

In the meantime...

       Here's where you can find the closest Farmers Markets to you in NYC:



From Califoria/Los Angeles: (2010 -2017)

On many a Wednesday morning you can find me pulling my cart through the Santa Monica Farmers Market and filling it with the bounty of the season, grown with love by the amazing people I have the good fortune of sourcing my ingredients from; and sometimes, it might be a Sunday morning at the Hollywood Farmers market, or Tuesday night at the Culver City Farmers Market... You get the idea!

Below, a list of the farms I source from (in no particular order...), and if you scroll  down, you'll  also find a map I created in 2012 of some farmers markets around Los Angeles to help you find one near you.

FARMS: (farm names in orange link to websites or instagram/facebook accounts)

Windrose Farm  •  Rutiz Family Farms  •  Weiser Family Farms  •  McGrath Family Farm  •  JF Organic Farms  •  Harry's Berries  •  Tutti Frutti Farms •   Thao's Farm  •  Coleman Farm  •  Schaner Farm  •  Polito Farms  •  Maggie's Farm   •  Finley Farms  •  Peacock Farm  •  Novy Ranches  •  Life's A Choke Family Farm  •  The Garden Of...  •  Flora Bella Farm  •  Kentor Kanyon Farms  •  Munak Ranch  •  Pudwill Farms  •  Arnett Farms  •  Jimenez Family Farm • Community SeafoodDory FleetSea Stephanie FishShear Rock Farms • Wong Farms • Santa Barbara Pistachio Company • Yasutomi Farm • Two Peas in a Pod • South Central Farmers • Scott Farms •  Energy Bee Apiary